Dedicated to the ladydiver (Beach-jewellery)

It is lovely to be on the beach on a hot summer´s day. Both on the shore and out in the water we are enveloped in colours, shapes and sounds that are only associated with this time of year. Our sense are pleasantly satiated. The beach is like a small community. People find their places, lay out thier towels, set up their deckchairs and parasols. They mark their place in the sun. The ideas are based on shapes from sea, water games and beach activities.

The project is about the interplay between colours, surfaces and shapes, with associations to life under the water´s surface. The object is to encourage people´s playful and humoristic sides. It is also important that the jewellery fits the specific context. It is intended for use in a social setting in which people wear as little as possible. The jewellery thereby becomes a central feature of its wearer.

Materials: Photo-etched, anodised aluminium, PVC, bubble caps, plugs, plug chains, silicone.

Photo: Sigurd Bronger/Tina Tvedt


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