Flotation device

I put on a diving mask and jump into the water. A multitude of colours, surfaces and shapes catches my eye. Whether I am above or under the water surface these impressions give great pleasure and inspiration for the making of new jewellery.

This project I have called “Flotation device”. I have gathered ideas for shape, material and function from life rescue equipment. I create shapes envisaging the life vest as a symbol on safety; jewelleries made to help us keep afloat through the social landscape.

It is important to me that my jewellery can form conceptions of other functions than the obvious. By giving certain signals through means of usage I want my jewelleries to impassion. I also search to find a balance between the humorous and the more solemn by allowing the visual design to accord with the more serious content.

I once fell out of the boat. Luckily I was wearing a life west. I remember the good feeling of not sinking, but floating like a little bob, safe and sound.
Eventually somebody came along and caught me!

Materials: Polyester, aluminium, silver (925), diodes, PVC

Photo: Sten Magne Klann    


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